The campaign for a further year of nursery funding for ALL children deferring primary one start in Scotland.

cropped-gtt2.jpgGive Them Time is a grassroots movement which evolved in 2018 from parents across Scotland sharing their own, often difficult, experiences of applying for a further year of nursery funding for their child.





We are looking forward to receiving an update from COSLA and the Children and Young People’s dept. at the Scottish Government whose representatives met a few days ago to discuss the campaign. Watch this space…


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“Play Scotland supports the aims of the Give Them Time Campaign regarding child-centred decision making about deferrals. It is essential that all parents have accurate information so they can make informed choices based on the age and stage of their child’s development. Decisions about deferrals need to be based on the best interests of the child and applied in a consistent and equitable manner across Scotland.  We need the right building blocks in place to ensure children can benefit from the provision that best suits their needs and best supports their play-based learning.”

Marguerite Hunter-Blair, Chief Executive, Play Scotland


“Currently only children born in January and February have an automatic right to defer their child’s entry to school by a year whilst retaining a guarantee of an additional year of pre-school funding. Reform Scotland thinks that the guaranteed additional year of funding should be extended to all children who are due to start school at the age of four and have a right to defer. For more information please read our report “The Early Years Lottery.”

Alison Payne, Research Director, Reform Scotland