The campaign for a further year of nursery funding for ALL children deferring primary one start in Scotland.

cropped-gtt2.jpgGive Them Time is a grassroots movement which has evolved from parents across Scotland sharing their own, often difficult, experiences of applying for an extra year of nursery funding for their child.





We had a positive meeting with a representative from the Children and Young People department at COSLA last week and we are looking forward to meeting Maree Todd, Minister for Children and Young People to discuss the campaign in mid-December.


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“Current deferral policy across Scotland tends to be focused on crudely financial decisions, rather than having individual children’s developmental needs at its heart.

“This difficulty can be compounded if communication with parents is poor, information about the process is opaque, and parents are made to feel like they are asking for a special privilege – rather than something that is in the absolute best interests of their child and family.

“The planned expansion of childcare offers an opportunity to address these problems and reform policy in this area. The Scottish Government must seize that opportunity.

“Until that happens, Children in Scotland supports the aims of the Give Them Time campaign and joins them in calling for a more intelligent, sensitive and child-centred approach to deferral and the school starting age.”

Jackie Brock, Chief Executive, Children in Scotland


“Connect fully supports the ‘Give Them Time’ campaign for deferral for children who need it. A child-centred and child-led education system must put children’s needs first. We’re aware that in some areas, parents are not advised of children’s rights to deferral. Worse still, deliberately obstructive practices and misleading information are used to discourage parents from applying for deferral for their child and exercising their rights. Processes for applying can be complicated, bureaucratic and slow. Families have a right to clear information and to fair, open procedures for applying for deferral. They are also entitled to know what their legal rights are.”


Eileen Prior, Executive Director of parents’ organisation, Connect