For the system to change, the local authorities which don’t already fund a further year of nursery for all “discretionary”* deferral requests need to change their policy to start automatically funding these in future and that’s where you can help.


For a council to automatically fund a further year of nursery for all future “discretionary”* deferral requests, this needs to be discussed and approved by each council’s education committee.


We need you to ask your local councillors to propose automatic funding of all deferrals be discussed at the next council education meeting.

Use our Template Letter to contact your local councillors to ask them to do this.

If you type your postcode in to Write to Them, a list of your local councillors, MSPs and MPs will appear and by copying and pasting the ‘Template Email’ text into the ‘contact form’ you can email all of your local councillors at once!

Please email every councillor in your ward. Thank you.


*   “Discretionary” deferral requests are generally made by parents/carers choosing to defer their child who will turn five after the school commencement date in Aug and by 31 Dec. They have a legal right to defer their child but councils have discretion whether to fund a further year of nursery for such a child or not.

*    It is also possible to apply for a “discretionary” deferral for a child who will already be five by the school commencement date in August (those with birthdays from 1st Mar – school commencement date). However, unlike the mid-Aug to Dec born cohort described above, they do not have a legal right to defer their p1 start so their local authority has the discretion to approve both the deferral and the continued nursery funding. Our Freedom of Information requests showed that there is precedent of local authorities having approved some such requests in the past but the numbers are very small.